Association Manager Review

The Acres Group has provided excellent landscape and snow removal services for several Homeowners and Condo Associations that I manage. Curtis R, Alicia and Curtis H are excellent communicators and take care of all the work requests that come up on a weekly basis.

Pheasant Run Trails Homeowner

I reside at 4016 Pheasant Ct, St Charles. I’m writing to thank your team who serve us for the great work they’ve done this last summer. They are very comprehensive and complete. Several years ago, due to the heavy tree cover, our front yard was unable to sustain grass so you recommended it’s removal and replace it with hostas. While different, they have thrived and are slowly but surely filling out.

Several times over the last weeks, our pines have shed considerable needles. I’ve racked them into piles and your team has removed them, keeping our yard looking great and well maintained. We are an anomaly given the green yards throughout our HOA. I loved taking care of our expansive yard in the past and enjoy taking on a supportive role for what matters to me and very much appreciate your heavy lifting in this en-devour!
Please share this with the team who serve us at Pheasant Run Trail and with the Association Partners so they can share it with our BOD directly

Property Manager of Kemper Lakes

Acres cares.  From maintaining my 160-acre office campus to removing snow from my 1million of parking lot, they get it all done to our satisfaction.  Nothing is ever perfect, because Nature Happens,  but they care enough to constantly communicate and get it right. Thanks to our rep, Curtis.riedell@acresgrou… for making that happen!  Edie Scurto,  Senior General Manager,  Lincoln Property Company at Kemper Lakes Business Center in Lake Zurich.

Board Director, Prairie Point

This is a shout-out to Meghan Carter and David Ramirez for there outstanding efforts during the Spring and Summer months on our property at Prairie Point. The communication has been the best it’s been in the 16 plus years I have lived here as an owner. Meghan’s customer service has been outstanding.. Looking forward to working with Meghan and David in the Fall and upcoming Seasons. Thanks again for your professionalism and knowledge
Prairie Point,
Board Director
Jerry Jefferson

Positive Review

“Acres is top notch! They are currently providing landscaping services for our 68 acre commercial property and the property has been spoken of as award winning by our leasing agents.  Our account rep Curtis Riedell is on-site weekly and communicates consistently.  It is obvious he takes pride in his work and his team based on the condition of our grounds.” – Kathy R. 


“Acres Group has been working with our coach home association for a couple of years now.  Alicia has proven to be a great leader for our account.  All work gets done in a timely manner and they show up when they are supposed to.  Any issues that have arisen so far have been addressed promptly and taken care of.  I am happy with their service and look forward to working together in the future.” 

Review from Veronica S.

Our commercial building has used Acres for both landscaping/ snow removal and we absolutely love working with Curtis R. The level of communication and prompt service especially during the snow season is outstanding. We look forward to continuing to work with Curtis and his team. We appreciate all the hard work. Thank you!


‘Customer service at it’s best! This team stands behind their products and completely replaced landscaping so it would be fresh for a wedding. Professional, clean and courteous crews.” – Lucas B. 

Carillon Club Homeowner

“Your guys came by yesterday and did the spading / bed edging and the bush trimming in both front and backyard plant beds.  They did an excellent job.  The yard looks great.”

Chairman at Grand Dominion

“I saw the guys planting and mulching on Friday and the entrances to the property look spectacular”

Homeowner at Mission Creek & Randville Estates

“The crew at Mission Creek & Randville Estates are doing an awesome job on the spring clean up. Their hard work makes both properties look great. 

Thank you for all that you do!”

Homeowner Grand Pointe Meadows

“We live on the property of Grand Pointe Meadows in West Dundee. Acres has serviced our property for many years and Curtis Hall is currently the site supervisor. We recently had quite a challenge to sections of our property due to all the rain. We forwarded pictures to our board of directors and mgt. company on the day of service this week per their request and because we are located at the first unit that your crew begins to cut. This was done, not as a complaint but a means of heading off awareness to challenge before your crew moved further into the property. Curtis and his crew have done such a nice job here and on Monday they tirelessly worked on the challenged area until they couldn’t anymore. It might not be perfect, but they really tried so hard to make it look good. Thank you to Curtis and his crew, nice job, much appreciated! The Allen family”

Crystal Lake, IL


More than an AAAAAA++++++ job. All three locations look better than I could have anticipated. Your crew did a fantastic job. Thank you for the excellent work and customer service!


Crystal Lake Water Department

Homeowner at Grand Dominion

“I would like to thank your crews for the good work that they are doing in these hard times. Our complex is looking very nice. Thank you for all that your company does for us”

Geneva, IL

Please tell the crew that they did a great job today….the gentleman that did the East side ….sidewalk/steps etc. did a super job and sometimes he had to go over parts twice….thanks very much.

Priscilla Virelli

Board Member

Service Update

Tim and Team,

First impressions excellent.  We all liked the team’s bright orange outfits, it really highlighted your commitment to safety which matches ours.  Thank you all for making my day hassle free.



Loft Homes of Talbots Mill Resident

Just wanted to give a big shout-out to our landscape/maintenance company.  After the storm Friday, Acres was in the subdivision an hour later, assisting with moving trees & branches from the streets & driveways.  Then, on Saturday, they were out working, getting rid of probably 75% of the damaged trees/branches from the curbsides.  Today, Sunday, they were out again finishing the remaining work.  VERY impressive!  I wanted to express my thanks for their hard work.

Grand Dominion Resident

Just a quick note to say Thank you for last evening, your thoughtful contribution to our community was appreciated by all who attended. What I value as do “most” of us, is the thoughtfulness that is demonstrated by Acres group in seeking out opportunities not just service our community but to be active participants goes above and beyond. Thank you. I also want to follow up on our drainage project again tell you what a splendid job that your organization did, great attention to overall detail.

Talbots Mill Resident

Wanted to say thank you for the support after the storm.  The Acres Group landscaping company worked tremendously hard on Friday night to free my neighbor’s car and then again on Saturday and Sunday, clearing debris and cutting trees in the hot, humid weather.  They were all extremely hardworking and respectful. Please pass on my comments to their management.

Talbots Mill Resident

She called in this morning to say THUMBS UP on the great work we did yesterday.  Her dad lives in the Talbot Mills Properties and they had a lot of tree debris from the storms and they were so impressed on the phenomenal work the crew did to get it out of the way so quickly!! She says thank you for all your hard work, especially being it was a Sunday!!

Bright Oaks Resident

Hello, I live in Bright Oaks in Cary and I wanted to compliment your crew here! I requested my yard to be seeded and they were so fast, efficient and professional! The grass is coming in beautifully which is amazing because I have been unable to grow lawn in this yard due to the amount of shade. Thank you!

Talbots Mill Resident

Thank you to your crew of gentlemen who worked to clean our Talbots Mill community after the storm on Friday. The trees and foliage were ripped from their roots and were strewn everywhere. Your crew did a stellar job clearing our area. They worked in the heat and humidity. Humidity being the enemy. Neighbors were all commenting on the work done by your people. Five stars!

Lake Lawn Resort General Manager

During the past month I have received an extraordinary number of glowing guest comments about the resort grounds, not just the inner courtyard or the entry way, but the grounds as a whole.  Many say, “this is the best the grounds have ever looked”  You should be really proud of your staff.

Poplar Creek Club Homes Resident

Hi Jim, I hope you are having a good holiday weekend and not reading this email until Tuesday, at best! My husband & I wanted to tell you that you and your team have done an excellent job with the recent mulch project and Spring clean-up, here at PCCH. The place looks great. We appreciate having such a professional, friendly, caring group of people handling this work. Thank you, very much.

Diana W.

I work with Curt a lot on the Associations I manage and find him to be very responsive and conscientious about getting the job done!


Ogden Pointe

The Board of Directors at Ogden Pointe wanted to commend you and the crews on a job well done after the last storm. When there were some prior issues and the board contacted you, Meghan, you always responded quickly and professionally and made things happen the best you could. We appreciate the job you do and realize it is not an easy one.


Thank you!

Acres did a superb job. They had enough equipment and enough workers to get the job done.  They here from very early morning until dark.  Thanks to curtis and the crew.  


Satisfied Customer

I just wanted you to know that Tyler was very proactive in making plans for the snow event this weekend.  He was on property the other day and we talked about where to place the snow.

He sent us a map with location recommendations and we approved that today. Just a little “kudo” for Tyler for always providing excellent customer service and taking good care of his clients!


Bartlett Green

“Could not let time go by without sending a thank you to the crew that so thoroughly removed the snow on our drives and walk ways. They were beasts, and they are back again today!” – Sally S. Bartlett Green


Heron's Landing

“While I was a bit critical a few weeks back… I wanted to compliment the crew for the work that they did out here last night and today.  Considering the amount of snow that fell, they did a great job!  Makes me proud to be an Acres Group customer!” – Jim 


Luther Village

These Acres went above and beyond the call of duty.

This crew found an elderly woman that had fallen and could not get up in “The Luther Village” in Arlington Heights.


Weathersfield South


Last week I was at the Weathersfield South Board Meeting. During the open forum, there were several compliments about Acres as a whole, the snow clean-up, and the overall improvement of the association. Bob, you have done a spectacular job in engaging this Board to have full confidence in you and Acres. As you can probably imagine, I hear complaints more than compliments at Board Meetings. It was refreshing to hear all the positives!


Thank you for a job well done! I am so thrilled to continue our working relationship!



Thankful Resident

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you a picture of the 2 tractor drivers that helped the ambulance drivers during one of our horrific storms.  They received an Excellence in Customer Service Award, an Acres Shirt and a gift card.

Thank you to all if you! The hard work does not go unnoticed.

Brookside Condos Resident

I have the responsibility for overseeing the snow & ice removal operations for a nearby municipality so I’m well aware of the challenges that a snow storm brings to those who take on these types of severe weather situations. The response, performance and dependability of the crews that perform this cold and tedious work for the Townplace West Development are outstanding to say the least. The results of their efforts are as professional, timely and detailed as any I have seen in my 28 years of overseeing winter snow operations. Just an absolutely fantastic job!!!

So thank you for that!  You guys truly are doing a wonderful job!

Carillon Club

The crew is doing a super job.  Please pass on my thanks and appreciation!    Regards, Susan Petersen. 3945 Normandy Circle

Thank you to them. This is one tough job and I appreciate their efforts !!          Thank you!!!  Jean Jacobson   4011 Sumac Court 

 Thanks for the update. I think Acres is doing a great job! Appreciate their work.  Arletta


Acres is doing a great job.  Bob Aksamit. 2608 Cranbrook St.


Acres is doing an excellent job from my perspective.  They work hard.  Thanks for the update.  Bob & Betty Duda

Grand Haven


I have the responsibility for overseeing the snow & ice removal operations for a nearby municipality so I’m well aware of the challenges that a snow storm brings to those who take on these types of severe weather situations. The response, performance and dependability of the crews that perform this cold and tedious work for the Townplace West Development are outstanding to say the least. The results of their efforts are as professional, timely and detailed as any I have seen in my 28 years of overseeing winter snow operations. Just an absolutely fantastic job!!!

Stationwalk - Wood Dale Resident

Acres is doing a fantastic job plowing our snow and it’s very much appreciated! Merry Christmas!

Chateau Lorraine Resident

Hi Jim, I know that Acres has been very busy here at Chateau Lorraine these past couple of weeks dealing with repeated snowfalls.  I just want to say that your crews have done an excellent job keeping our driveways and sidewalks clean.  We all know that you cannot satisfy everyone 100% of the time, but the effort is appreciated.  I’ve seen your crews plowing at some very early hours to ensure people can get their cars out of their driveways and get to work.  It is much appreciated.  Keep up the good work.

Carillon Club Resident

Linda & I would like to express our appreciation to the ACRES Group on their timely and never ending “Winter Action Plan”. What a great job they continue to do in keeping our streets and sidewalk clean to keep the homeowners safe from accidents during the snowy season. Thanks ACRES.

Southpointe Condos

Good morning, I received a very pleasant call from a unit owner today regarding what a fantastic job the snow removal crew did. Even the mail person complimented the same to this unit owner. Keep up the good work!! This is also very pleasing to me since I had the emergency on call phone this week and did not receive 1 call regarding snow issues!!!

Grand Dominion PM

Good afternoon, Cathy, I wanted to let you know that our Board meeting after last week’s blizzard went very well.  Our Board President made some remarks at the beginning of the meeting thanking Acres for the hard work and great job that they did.  I was over the moon when our Homeowner audience burst into a round of applause.  Thank you for all that you do to make our lives easier!

Stonegate Resident

Hi Judy! Can you please thank Acres group for the great job they did clearing the snow. They were really on top of it. We’re in better shape than most places I’ve been. Thanks to Acres!

Grand Haven Resident

Hi Linda,  I just wanted to share with you our limited experience on Sunday morning.  Our flight was still scheduled to leave (actually they didn’t cancel it until Sunday night when we were on the plane) and our son-in-law drove to GH to pick us up Sunday morning.  The snow was so wet and heavy that an Acres truck was stuck near our 6-pk.  They finally got out before our son-in-law got stuck.  We carried our suitcases to the street and the Acres guys helped dig us out and push us.  They could very well have yelled at us or ignored us, but they were very nice and working hard. The snow last year might have been worse, but the heaviness complicated removal greatly.

Briarcliffe Resident

I’m not sure if you are the appropriate person to direct this to, but had to let you know that…our snow removal has been fantastic! I have been so impressed.  The folks were here all day yesterday, blizzard and all. I have a dog and we continue to walk rain or shine, so we really appreciate them keeping everything clean. The guys are also so friendly, professional and hard-working! Just had to let you know ?

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