The Wauconda facility has a large team of knowledgeable members who are always willing to help one another. During my time here they have been more than happy to teach me to tricks of the trade. I am fortunate to be working alongside sales representatives with the experience and expertise which our faculty have. As I have accompanied the sales representatives on their walks, I have gained a vital grasp of their process. By creating proposals and taking my own pictures on properties, I have expanded my horticulture knowledge.

Acres is successful in this industry because they care about the quality of their work and maintaining a good relationship with their customers. I am learning useful sales skills and strategies to maintain a healthy relationship with customers. I have seen firsthand the time and consideration that goes behind ensuring the strength of the relationship with our customers. There is plenty of behind the scene work that goes into our finalized projects. Our motivated team is equipped with the means which allow them to be successful. There isn’t a situation that Acres cannot work with; we will always devise a plan that will get the job done.

It is rewarding to watch projects come together from start to finish. After we step on site where work needs to be done, it doesn’t seem long before our initial vision becomes a reality! There is plenty of preparation that goes behind all our projects and I have seen that with all the work our team puts in behind the scenes. We’re able to cultivate success because our company cares about the quality of their work. We make sure our properties are in top shape and we will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction! It takes a level of care and respect for our customers to deliver the best high quality that our company provides.

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