During my time with Acres Group, I have learned a lot of crucial information about the tree industry.  One thing that I have learned is how the tree crews at the different facilities function and what strategies they use in order to provide efficient and safe work, whether it is with chainsaws or operating the heavy machinery.  Another thing that I have learned is the management side of the industry.  Jason, the Tree Care Manager, has given me opportunities to go on property walks and has shown me different indicators of diseases in many different trees and how to treat them. 

There have been countless experiences that have benefited me and my career in the tree industry.  One experience that will stick with me is cutting down my first tree with the company.  I made a great notch and as I was making my back cut, the tree started leaning in the wrong direction and it fell into the pond that was next to us.  It was great to see that despite me being frustrated with myself, these guys on my crew are willing to pull me aside and give me pointers that they have learned throughout their years in the industry; it showed me that these guys are all about getting the work done efficiently and sharing their wisdom with the new guy.

So far this has been a great experience for me.  Acres Group knows how to treat their customers and they know how to deliver quality work.  If there were any people asking about where to find a great job in the tree industry, I would immediately refer them to Acres Group because I would want them to have the same experiences as I did during my time here.

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