My name is Grace Warble and I am a Junior at Purdue University in Horticulture Production and Marketing. I am currently working for Acres Group at their Plainfield facility as a Customer Specialist intern. This is my first official internship for this internship I am working with the Acres Plainfield sales team. Having no prior knowledge about Sales I had no idea what to expect working with a sales team. From my first day working for Acres, everyone I have met has been extremely helpful.

Working with the sales team I learned a lot about what goes into maintaining beautiful landscapes. A majority of this internship so far has been out in the field, which is exactly where I wanted to be, not cooped up in an office all day. One of my favorite things to do as an intern is to mark plants for removal. Making plants for removal is one of my favorite jobs because it is always exciting to see what new plants the customer wants to be installed. A couple of other jobs I have had as an intern are property walks, installing flower beds, taking soil samples, and countless other tasks. After a month of this internship, I have noticed that I have gotten better at plant identification from working with various different species of plants every day.

Working for the Acres group has been an amazing experience so far. This internship has been a good way to get my foot in the door of the Horticulture world. Everything I have learned so far will help me in my future career. I believe that Acres is the perfect place to start out for either a first internship or a job. Everyone that I have met so far at Acres has been kind and helpful.

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