Spring clean-up has commenced! Crew members will be removing debris and leaves from planting beds and landscaped areas that have collected over the winter. Check out our video here. 

  • Turf along driveways and streets may have been damaged during the course of snow removal operations. All turf damage caused by our plowing equipment will be repaired no later than April 30th through the use of the seed, blanket, or Penn mulch. (Weather dependent)
  • Ornamental grasses, as well as, any perennials that were left for winter interest will be cut back to horticultural standard.
  • Weather depending initiate bed cultivation if mulch exists & mechanical bed edging (Majority is completed in May)
  • Initial sidewalk edging (Weather dependent)
  • Turf mowing generally begins in the 3rd or 4th week of April depending on weather and how quickly turf comes out of dormancy and grows sufficiently to necessitate the need for a mow.


April’s Featured Enhancement – Mulch! 

A fresh top coating of mulch is an excellent way to annually spruce up a property and keep it in peak condition. This provides the aesthetics of adding “new carpeting” every year without allowing mulch to build up to a depth that is not favorable for plant health care. During decomposition, mulch acts as a slow-release fertilizer of organic material. It aids in soil water retention and helps to protect plant root systems in
the winter.
If you choose to mulch your property, we would recommend double processed shredded hardwood mulch. We install it at the optimum depth for proper plant health care.
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