Before you start blowing your leaves this fall, consider the benefits of mulching leaves into the soil instead. Not only are you saving valuable time, but you are also utilizing nature’s organic fertilizer. Keep reading to learn the benefits of mulching leaves. 

Nature’s Fertilizer 

Micro-organisms in the soil break down organic material, such as leaves. Grasses typically grow slower fall and the mulched leaves provide the roots with much-needed nutrients. 

Greener Turf

After the snow has melted in Spring, you will notice the mulched leaves have composted naturally and provided a natural fertilizer to the turf. 


In the past, people may have disposed of leaves by raking them into a giant pile and setting them ablaze. The main problem with burning leaves is that it releases dangerous contaminants into the environment. Not to mention, burning leaves in some areas is very dangerous. Mulching leaves is beneficial to the soil and doesn’t pollute the air. 

What To Expect From Acres 

Over the years, Acres has invested in mulching kits for mowers which allow our team to finely mulch leaves for maximum absorption into the soil. In extreme circumstances where leaves have excessively accumulated, we will remove leaves from the site to be composted at a licensed facility. 

If you have questions about the benefits of mulching leaves instead of blowing them offsite, please contact us or call your Acres Representative directly. 

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