College Recruiting FAQ

College Recruiting FAQ

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Q: What classes should I be taking during my horticulture education?
At Acres Group, we prefer students to be well-rounded in all areas especially in their coursework. Attempt to gear your electives toward your individual horticulture interests and take a Spanish course if you have the time. While that golfing course looks exciting, try to take a technical writing course or sales course to prepare you for life after college.

Q: What kind of experience should I gain while completing my education?
We strongly encourage multiple internships, co-ops, and part-time work in the landscaping industry. While working at the local pool may be fun, working in the landscaping industry prior to graduation is much more beneficial to your career goals.

Q: Do I have to be bilingual in English/Spanish to work at Acres Group?
We do not require that our staff be bilingual, but it is incredibly helpful if you are bilingual.

Q: Are there Landscape Architects employed at Acres Group?
Yes, so if you are trying to become a licensed Landscape Architect it is achievable through working at Acres Group.

Q: What if I would like to interview with Acres Group but my university is not on the campus events schedule?
If you are not a student at one of the universities we will be attending this year, you can apply by sending your resume via our website or attend an event that is closest to you.

Q: What is the dress code at Acres Group?
We offer a business casual environment at our work facilities and Fridays are casual.

Q: What makes an individual just starting out at Acres Group successful?
Successful new members of our team ask a lot of questions, are self-starters, and take the initiative without having to be encouraged. Most of our team is considered innovators or entrepreneurs among their peers. Individuals who like a challenge and rise to the occasion excel at Acres Group.

Q: What is the difference between an Account Representative and a Customer Service Specialist?
A Customer Service Specialist is our entry-level position for recent college graduates and individuals starting a second career. Our Account Representative positions are for individuals that have 3-5 years of Maintenance Sales experience in the horticulture industry.

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